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Armed, Unarmed Security Services In Florida

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Armed Security

To protect assets of high value or safeguard large amounts of cash, armed security is your best line of defense for loss prevention, especially in industries that are prime targets for criminal activity, such as banking and the upscale retail market. Our security team is specifically trained to use firearms as deemed necessary to deescalate a situation, or to provide essential protection for employees or bystanders. Merely the presence of an armed security guard is often viewed as a crime and theft deterrent, and armed security is the best way to ensure the safety of your business or workplace.

Unarmed Security

We can provide unarmed security guards to offer an amplified sense of safety and security to your business and employees. Unarmed security is an excellent option if you need a presence of authority to patrol business grounds or areas of entry, prevent unauthorized access, and deter vandalism or petty crime. Our unarmed guards are trained to retain a calm environment in cases of emergency, investigate reports of disturbances in the interior or exterior of your business premises, and monitor surveillance systems and access control protocol. Although unarmed, our guards may carry non-lethal weapons to use in the case of a violent situation.

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Who Do Security Guards Protect?

Security guards shield assets that embrace people, property, money, jewelry, artwork, or instrumentality. Having insured security guards area unit generally employed for industrial and residential purchasers. The govt. may additionally use a non-public watchman to shield its facilities since it’s cheaper to contract security than rent direct staff. Security guards are employed to shield vital infrastructure and folks WHO could also be high-wealth people that need protection to shield them from potential threats.

Where Do Security Guards Work?

Our security guard services, personnel operating U.S protective the client’s assets. These guards could give special events at a sports stadium or building or patrolling a town space with several tourists. Guard’s area unit employed to safeguard Nuclear Facilities and should be employed to safeguard celebrities whereas traveling abroad. The safety business is large and provides varied services to purchasers seeking security and safety for his or her folks and or properties.

From Haven Security Group

Haven Security Group was founded by a team of four security specialists with a combined 48 years of Police and Security experience throughout the duration of their careers. With experience in the areas of law enforcement, security, and paramedic services, we offer comprehensive protection to our diverse range of clients, from high-level executives and VIPs, to small business owners and financial institutions. Our team is state certified, licensed, and bonded, with a commitment to ongoing staff training to ensure we deploy the best security techniques and unmatched standards of performance. We have the inherent ability to manage and assess high-risk situations, while identifying threats immediately and taking swift action to provide optimal

Main Duties Of A Security Guard?

Types of Security, Services We Provide


Are your business security protocols offering the proper protection? We’ll help you identify the most valuable and cost-effective security measures to ensure the safety of your employees and business assets, with innovative solutions that are customized to meet the needs of your business or community. Our team will perform an audit of your current security procedures, evaluate areas that require further risk mitigation, and work with you to drive implementation of our security recommendations.

Maritime Security

Vessels at sea can still be subject to malicious activity, including terrorism threats, robbery, piracy, and illegal trafficking. Our maritime security services are designed to protect your crew and cargo from dangerous and life-threating disasters while out on the open water. We use our years of industry experience to practice extreme diligence, and our team can offer expert knowledge about potential methods of attack that are not immediately apparent to the untrained eye.

Camera Equipment

With a professionally installed camera system, you’ll effectively deter theft, enhance workplace safety, and monitor areas of entry to prevent unauthorized access. We provide installation, training, and service for camera equipment and surveillance systems of every style and complexity.

During setup and installation, we’ll ensure all applicable areas are monitored through a centralized control room accessible by authorized members of your team.

Bodyguard Service

Figures that live a life in the public eye need an extra layer of protection to ensure they can do their job efficiently, without worry for their own safety, or the safety of their families. We have experience working with high-level officials, executives, dignitaries, and celebrities, and can provide armed protection in high-profile situations where crowds present a security threat. With our unobtrusive yet ever-present attention to security detail, we ensure that our VIP clients avoid exploitation during social engagements, while at home, or while traveling.